Project 2016 Cleanse

The past two years have been a whirlwind to say the least. 2014 brought a whole lotta change: moves, a house, william, and a new job to name a few. It was absolutely crazy and a lot of things got pushed aside to focus on the necessities. 2015 brought figuring out how to live – like literally learning how to live as a new little family. It’s been awesome, but the learning curve is well, continuing.

For 2016, my goal is to address the things that have been neglected for a little too long (turns out adults budget?). We’re not doing anything major (except, ok, I did make a pact 2016 not to buy any new clothes), but we are making small steps to get things back in check. Basically, I’m trying to be an adult and you all get to follow along!

project cleanse

My first project was my closet. Over the past two years, my wardrobe has evolved from 20-something young professional and weekend clothes to maternity clothes to post baby clothes, to now the I’m-still-trying-to-figure-out-how-to-mom dress. My closet was (and kinda still is) an absolute disaster. This next year, I’m planning on nailing down my style and a versatile wardrobe to go with it in addition to adapting a more intentional buying process. I’ll call it a success if I learn how to avoid the Target sales racks…

1: Rid Yo’Self | 2: Take an Inventory | 3: Work with What you Have | 4: Stay on Track


The second project was short and sweet and given February is the month of looovveee, I focused on preserving memories with my friends and family. I have SO many great shots, it’s a shame they all live on my computer. I developed both a back up system as well as some ideas for displaying the goodies!

Five Tips for Storing Family Photos