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    Lucky Charms Latte Recipe

      Coffee in any form is my lucky charm, so this Lucky Charms Latte is quite literal in my book. Made with Lucky Charms, it has a hint of childhood nostalgia…

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    DIY Girl Scout Cookie Freakshakes

    If you’re a gigantic-milkshake-with-an-absurd-amount-of-toppings type of person (and really, who isn’t?), read on, friend, read on. You know how Girl Scout cookies are so much better when they’re frozen? Well after…

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    Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs

    So last week we went to the Minnesota State Fair and chowed down. We spent nearly the whole day sampling, eating, and sipping fair eats. I swear I could have been…

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    In da Kitchen | Rose Syrup Margaritas

    Because if there is ever an excuse to drinks margaritas, today is the day. I usually don’t go for the blended or premixed options as they’re usually sickly sweet, but a…

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    St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms Fudge

    And by fudge, I really mean a combo of cake mix, sugar, white chocolate, and marshmallow topping that mixes together in a fudge-y goodness topped with the best crunchy kids cereal…