Oh Hello.

Welcome to Sahl + White! Here you’ll find all sorts of ramblings: some DIY arts + crafts to try, party ideas + inspiration, city guides for a place or two, recipes as results of my kitchen attempts, lots of life, sometimes style and a few other odds and ends. It’s my slice of the interwebz where I mix quirky with traditional and pretty things happen. You’ll also find lots and lots of information on the great state of Minnesota.

I’m Amy, a content strategist by day and a toddler trainer aka parent by night. I also try to fit in date nights with my baby daddy, getting my creative on, traveling near and occasionally far, and planning lots of fun things to do with our friends and families. Sometimes (like really sometimes), I even squeeze in cleaning the house and making a dinner that doesn’t involve tater tots.

Just in Case You’re into Random Facts (’cause really, who isn’t?)

+ Who is Sahl and what about White? The name of my blog is based off of my maiden name, Sahl, and married name, White. Sahl + White explores our mini family, our big dreams + high hopes.

+ I live in the great state of Minnesota where yes, I’m super nice!

+ My main characters are: William, my curious and ever-so-happy toddler and Mr. A, my seriously really hot husband.

+ Pretty stationary, vintage anything and party supplies inspire me.

+ Duluth, MN is my favorite spot in this whole wide world.

+ I’m currently learning how to perfect my top knot…. (it’s not going well)

+ My last meal would be huge and include: tacos, kale salad, mimosas, the brunch menu from Snooze (yes. the entire thing), chips and guacamole, cheese and chocolate covered strawberries.

+ Thrift stores are MY JAM.

I always find time to binge watch Friends (and no, it never gets old).

I think we’d get along. 

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Thanks for stopping by; I’m so glad you’re here!

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