Ghost Tours and Haunted History Throughout Minnesota

A complete list of ghost tours and haunted history tours throughout Minnesota.

I am a seasonal scare fan. Every year around this time, I hop on the bandwagon to haunted, scare, and thrill town with every intention of hopping off come November. (Sorry resident scare fanatics…)

While not high on the scare factor, these ghost tours and haunted history tours throughout Minnesota allow you to get in the Halloween spirit sans masked clowns and fake blood. Some are even available year-round!

**In today’s COVID-19 climate, please, please, PLEASE visit each tour’s website and/or social media to confirm tour details and ensure safety precautions are in place.

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, MN |Haunted Trolley Tours | Rochester Trolley and Tour Co.
If you’ve never been on a trolley tour, the Haunted Trolley Tours by Rochester Trolley and Tour Co. are great. You’ll visit a variety of local spots and get the inside scoop on a great mix of local lore, true crime, haunted history, and even a little ghost action!

Rochester, MN | Spend a night at the Kahler Hotel
Who knew, but the Kahler Hotel in Rochester, MN is one of the most haunted hotels in the country. (?!?) Do a little research and read the true crime story of Helen Brach and plan to do a little DIY ghost action tour!

Southern Minnesota

Winona, MN | Voices from the Past Cemetery Walk | Woodlawn Cemetery
This is less on the spooky side and more just on the side of fascinating (although it does take place in the cemetery). Winona has one of the richest histories in Minnesota and this tour highlights the many founders and influential people of days gone by.

Minneapolis + St. Paul + Surrounding Twin Cities

Annandale, MN | Stay at the Thayler Hotel
I only included hotels if they’re notorious for being haunted (aka not some guy sitting on Reddit), or if they actively promote their haunted factor. And let’s just say this hotel meets both requirements. They even have some of their BnB suites names after their haunters to ensure you know what you’re getting into.

Anoka, MN | Ghost Tours | Anoka County Historical Society
First of all, can I get a high five for VIRTUAL OPTIONS! Second of all, did you know Anoka, MN is the Halloween capitol of the world? They’ve got to have some good ghost stories and haunted histories, right?

Excelsior, MN | Oak Hill Cemetery Tour | Oak Hill Cemetery
Cemetery tours might be where it’s at. Turns out I really do like my spook with a side of history.

Hastings, MN | Candlelit Tours at LeDuc | Dakota County Historical Society
Candles make everything more eerie. Discover the 1866 Gothic Revival Mansion! Throughout the tour, you will explore the history of Victorian spiritualism and séances as well as get a good dose of local history.

Minneapolis, MN | Minneapolis Ghost Walks | Downtown Minneapolis
Walking tour for the win! Visit local haunts (ha) with your tour guide and hear their tales of haunted history, ghost stories, local folklore, and recent reports of paranormal activity.

Minneapolis, MN | Real Ghost Tours | St. Anthony Main
This appears to be strictly ghost talk. Their website explains these tours as, “a thoroughly researched dramatization, drawing on real legends and real history in the actual places in which the people lived and died, the events took place, and the ghosts have been seen.”

Stillwater, MN | Courthouse by Candlelight | Washington County Historic Courthouse
Most of the tour occurs in areas TYPICALLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. You know what that means, right? Ultra haunted.

Stillwater, MN | Stillwater Ghost Walks | American Ghost Walks
An outdoor walking ghost tour of Stillwater! Stillwater seems to have a very haunted history…

St. Paul, MN |  Gangster Ghost Tales | Landmark Center
We’re getting really niche here. This option is unique in that it’s more of a show featuring St. Paul’s most infamous gangsters and lawmen, with a humorous musical twist, telling their stories.

St. Paul, MN | St. Paul Ghost Walks | American Ghost Walks
An outdoor walking ghost tour of St. Paul, Minnesota! I hear they have stories on stories of interesting haunted history.

St. Paul, MN | Wabasha Street Caves
I hear this is their last year operating the (super popular) tours in the Wabasha Street Caves. They have many different tour options from gangsters to ghost stories and beyond.

Northern Minnesota

Cloquet, MN | Halloween Spooktacular Drive-thru Parking Lot Haunts | County Seat Theater
This is another more show than haunt. But I loved the fact they made it COVID-friendly by making it drive-thru style.

Duluth, MN | Nopeming Tour | Nopeming Sanatorium
The Nopeming Sanatorium is currently an abandoned building in Duluth, MN that recently started giving tours on request and availability. I won’t lie, the whole thing just looks creepy!

Duluth, MN | Duluth Haunted Ship | William A. Irvin
This is technically your more classic haunted house (but in a ship) experience. HOWEVER, the ship really is said to be haunted

*The Duluth Haunted Ship is closed for the 2020 season

Duluth, MN/Superior, WI | Superstition Tours: Ghosts of Fairlawn | Superior Public Museums
Just your typical grounds tour. By flashlight. Looking for ghosts. And hearing the haunted history of the Fairlawn.

Sauk Center, MN | Ghost Tours | Palmer House:  Hotel, Restaurant, and Pub 
Yet another hotel in Minnesota that has many claims of being haunted! In addition to spending the night, check out their haunted history and ghost tour events around Halloween!

Sleepy Eye, MN | Ghost Tours of Sleepy Eye 
I don’t think you’ll want to sleep through this driving tour of Sleepy Eye… Tour guides recall newspaper articles and retell bizarre true events!

Thief River Falls, MN | Dead Man’s Trail
This is another DIY ghost option. Headed out on a pitch black trail named DEAD MAN’S TRAIL knowing the history and happenings behind the name – I dare you!

What did I miss?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll add to my list!


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