Bingo in Rochester, MN

Flat lay of four bing cards with blue and red bingo daubers laying next to them

Maybe it’s the daubers, maybe it’s the fact I love grandmas, maybe I just love yelling, but when it comes down to it, I love a good game of bingo. The fact that there is no skill involved, no real pressure on the line, and again, the fun daubers. Check out the best spots in Rochester, MN to get your bingo on.

Bingo schedule for every day of the week in Rochester, MN

Charlie’s Eatery and Pub | Bingo on: Monday

Your standard bar bingo. Come. Play. Cross your fingers it’s your lucky night!

Monday | 6:30 pm

LTS Brewery | Bingo on: Monday

Good beer + bingo. This is a once-a-month-kinda-thing. Stay tuned on their Facebook page for their full list of events!

Monday (Sept. 2 + Oct. 10) | 7:00 pm

Dooley’s Pub | Bingo on: Tuesday, Wednesday

Keep posted on their Facebook page for full details.

Tuesday | 8:00 pm
Wednesday | 8:00 pm

Elks Bingo | Bingo on: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

This is going to be your classic bingo hall. Long tables, event-center chairs, maybe even a visor or two, one can really never tell. Like, they feel the need to not only open the doors an hour early, but thoroughly inform you that doors open an hour early. Definitely bring a back up bingo dauber.

Tuesday | Doors open: 5:30 pm | Early Bird: 6:30 pm | Regular Bingo: 7:15 pm
Thursday | Doors open: 5:30 pm | Early Bird: 6:30 pm | Regular Bingo: 7:15 pm
Friday | Doors open: 5:30 pm | Early Bird: 6:30 pm | Regular Bingo: 7:15 pm
Sunday | Doors open: 11:30 am | Early Bird: 1:00 pm | Regular Bingo: 1:30 pm

Whitlock-Sonnenberg VFW | Bingo on: Tuesday

This is charitable bingo, so all proceeds go into helping veterans, youth, and other members of the community. They also have meat raffles and pull tabs, which is always a good sign.

Tuesday | 6:30 pm

Pappy’s Place | Bingo on: Wednesday

Bar bingo, but you’ll also want to come hungry. Their onion rings are amazing.

Wednesday | 7:00 pm

Rochester Eagles Club | Bingo on: Wednesday, Saturday

Wednesday | 7:00 pm
Saturday (1st & 3rd of the month) | 1:00 pm

Wild Bills | Bingo on: Saturday

Saturday is bingo day at Wild Bills. Their afternoon games are progressive jackpots while their evening games add a little excitement with not only music, but black lights. BLACK LIGHTS! They also feature drink and food specials throughout the day. Oh, and don’t forget about their peanuts!

Saturday | Mega Saturday Bingo: Games begin at 1:30 pm
Saturday | DISCO Bingo: 9:30 pm – 12:30 am

Broadway Pizza and Bar | Bingo on: Occasionally

While they offer bingo consistently, they do host bingo nights regularly. Keep posted on their Facebook page for full details.

Did I miss any? If so, leave it in the comments and I’ll add to my list!

Oh, and as always, make sure to check out each venue’s website and/or Facebook page to confirm details.


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