Halloween Bookclub: 5 Thriller and Mystery Reads


I can’t handle scary movies. Never have I ever felt so old, but I really do blame turning 30. They’re way too real and legit freak me out. However, in book form, I can still totally get my thriller on. I love mystery and suspense – those ones you have to read from start to finish and find yourself awake at 3:30 in the morning because you honestly couldn’t stop turning the pages.

This time of year is perfect for grabbing a few books, a glass of wine, and acknowledging the fact it gets dark at 6:30 PM as a sign to stop and relax a little earlier. Here’s what on my reading list this fall, just in time for Halloween.

the most dangerous thing | laura lippman: Within the first few pages, you’re hooked. It’s a story about a childhood group of friends that dissolves over secrets from their past. The secret doesn’t go away and they’re forced to face their demons and reconvene years later. The book is written in a way that skips between the present and moments in the past. It’s addicting in the best way.

the trap | melanie raabe: An interesting twist on an unsolved murder. The main character, an author, yet can’t set foot outside her home after she found her sister murdered. Her goal? To lure the killer back to the house with her writing.

the long and faraway gone | lou berney: A crime novel that follows people involved in two separate crimes from long ago and far away, but their paths cross in an interesting way. Great character development and story lines.

what strange creatures | emily arsenault: The classic girl gets got, the boyfriend is a suspect, but his sister knows he’s not a killer. She’s on the case and digs through everyone’s past to find some interesting surprises. Great character dynamics and cliff hangers.

true crime addict | james renner: This is one for all you true crime fans. Written by an investigative journalist who’s been intrigued with true crime his entire life, it explores both why we find true crime fascinating as well as his personal story with the fascination.

Each of these is a terrific page turner without the gore or horror. They pair well with a nice glass of Malbec and a bag of Halloween candy. It’s one of my favorite October traditions. What’s on your reading list?


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