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Seriously Simple Party Decor | DIY Five Minute Message Banner

diy banner3_Sahl and White

This is not only the easiest message banner I’ve ever made, it’s also one of my favorites for it’s minimalist vibe and versatility. It literally took 5 min. and I had a toddler running around in sabotage-mom’s-project mode. I’ve had these vinyl letters from Home Depot sitting around for some time purely because I loved their size and they were $1.98/pack. They’ve met their match with this simple banner.

I’m planning on throwing one together for Father’s Day. I know Mr. A wouldn’t really appreciate some elaborate decoration (I mean, he would, but he wouldn’t … you get it), so this simple banner is perfect. He’ll go awww and I won’t have wasted 3 hours on something fancy with glitter and balloons. This message banner truly comes together in minutes, requires zero crafting skills, and is reusable. It’s perfect for any occasion. 

diy banner8_Sahl and White

GATHER: Vinyl Sticker Letters | Yarn or some type of string | Scissors


1. Cut apart your message out of the letters. Do not peel the stickers off of the backing.

diy banner5_Sahl and White

2. Peel back the top 1/3 of the letter sticker from the backing, place the string in between and press down on the letter to secure your string in between the sticker and backing.

diy banner4_Sahl and White

And that’s it! Seriously simple party celebration decor.

diy banner6_Sahl and Whitediy banner7_Sahl and White


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