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Rose Petal Margs_Sahl and White

Because if there is ever an excuse to drinks margaritas, today is the day. I usually don’t go for the blended or premixed options as they’re usually sickly sweet, but a fresh margarita makes my world go round. Made of equal ratios of fresh lime juice, tequila, and Grand Marnier, it’s an easy recipe to remember and impossible to mess up.

I usually like to give my margaritas a little flair by adding muddle raspberries or a jalepeno-infused tequila, but this time around, I played with some rose simple syrup I had made for a different concoction. The results were bright, pink (which always helps), and the floral note played really well with the tequila. It was instant summer in our house. Add a sugar rim and you’re in for a fiesta.  

Rose Petal Margs2_Sahl and White

Rose Syrup

Gather: Two Red Rose Stems | 1/2 Cup Sugar | 1/2 Cup Water


1. Peel off rose petals and wash thoroughly.

2. Add rose petals, sugar, and water to medium sauce pan over medium heat and let simmer, stirring occassionally for 15 min.

3. Let cool 2 hours.

(I added a little food coloring to mine, but totally not necessary)

Rose Syrup Margaritas
makes 1, adjust for how many you’re serving

Gather: 1/2 oz. Rose Syrup (recipe above) | 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice (about 1 Lime) | 1 oz. Grand Marnier (or triple sec works too) | 1 oz. Tequila | Ice | 1/2 cup sugar


1. Rim your margarita glasses with sugar: Pour sugar in a pie plate. Run a lime wedge around your glasses (this will act as the “glue”). Dip the glass in the sugar until rims are well coated.

2. In a cocktail shaker, combine: rose syrup, lime juice, ice, Grand Marnier (or triple sec), tequila and ice. Shake!

3. Pour and enjoy!

Rose Petal Margs3_Sahl and WhiteRose Petal Margaritas_Sahl and White


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