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Weekends need to be equal parts fun, inspiring, and productive for life to be in balance. If a weekend is too jammed packed and none of the adult stuff I have to do gets done, the rest of the week is spent trying to catch up. If the weekend was too boring, I’m left feeling blah and like I wasted a weekend.

Many times it means getting creative and meal planning for the week ahead during a road trip up North and then doing my grocery shopping online to pick up on Sunday evening. Or sometimes it means taking a break from piles of laundry to take a walk and have a snack. As I am a practice-what-you-preach kinda gal, here’s what we’ve been up to this weekend. May it inspire your week ahead!

making: S’mores using leftover peeps. I almost threw them away, but decided to pop them under the broiler to see what happened. They were delicious. The sugar caramelizes and adds a glorious crunch to the marshmallow. I did: graham cracker, a dollop of nutella, some bananas, put a peep on top, and threw them under a high broiler for 3-5 min. I didn’t put another graham cracker on top, but instead just ate them open faced.

eating: Snappy Stop for the first time and it was love at first bite.

obsessing: over this Matt and Nat backpack my perfect friend, Laura, was sporting the other day when we met for lunch. I need one. #matchingbffs #sorryLGis

starting: The 52 Lists Project. You know I love my lists and this is like a list of lists (aka heaven).

buying: Saucony Tennies. I’ve loved the classic saucony look ever since I was in high school and would pour through the Eastbay catalog. These are perfect with leggings and a cardigan.

looking forward to: my upcoming trip to Chicago to see my long, lost BFF, Julie. So far we have Second City the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Vault Doughnuts on the list. Anything else we need to check out!?

planing: meals for the week – easy chicken parm, tomato soup + sammies (using leftover chicken parm), turkey meatloafbaked sweet potatoes, and friday always means pizza party (this week take and bake from papa murphy’s).

willy’s loving: this elmo app and playing with water in the sink. He’s fascinated by watching it slip through his fingers and pouring it into different (plastic) cups and bowls. This week he realized he was big enough to open doors (even accidentally locking himself in the bathroom…), realized mom skipped a page (how dare she) in his current favorite bed time book (Love Monster), and continues to love asking “what’s that” and “plaey”!

dreaming: about warm weather and the camping trip Mr. A finally agreed to go on!

Here’s to getting through another week!


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