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DIY Palm Print1_Sahl and White

(don’t judge the wallpaper)

As we celebrated Easter last weekend, I realized how quickly Spring has sprung. Winter has been easy on us, but for some reason, I’m full speed ahead and so looking forward to longer days and balmy evenings. I’ve been dreaming of cocktails on the patio and walks to the park all week. Even Willy is excited with his constant chatter for “shooos (shoes)” followed by “owside (outside)” and “plaay”. The kid is MN hearty and loves his fresh air.

With the changing of any season, I like to update the nooks and crannies. Seasonal furniture rearranging and full on decor swap doesn’t quite work in a house as it once did in a small apartment, but spots like the entryway and a shelf here or there are completely fair game and customize-able. I can rearrange them to suite the seasons in 30 minutes or less using items I already have around the house.

With celebrating the Lenten season and Easter traditions, I’ve had images of John 12:13 and the symbolic nature of the palm branch on my brain lately. I also wanted to freshen up our walls and bring the outdoors in. These do-it-yourself palm branch prints take 10 min. to make and are less than $1.00 per print. Arrange them in some frames, add some pussy willows or branches to add a natural element to bring them “alive”, pair them with some bring colors and you’ve got yourself a perfect spring-worthy display!

DIY Palm Print3_Sahl and White

Gather: Fake Greenery (or use real leaves, branches, etc.) | Scrapbooking Paper in your choice of pattern or color | White Spray Paint


1. Lay the greenery on the spots you want to remain the color or pattern of the paper.
Tip: It helps to have as many touch points of the greenery to the paper as possible. You’ll want the greenery to lay as flush with the paper as possible. This is make a better outline and clear lines when you spray paint.

2. Take your spray paint and spray over the greenery until it’s as covered as you desire.

DIY Palm Art2_Sahl and White

The third picture from the left is an example of where I didn’t have the greenery flush against the paper. Once I flipped the greenery over, and had more contact points between the paper and the branch, I was left with much more apparent outlines. Experiment with some scrap paper first!

DIY Palm Print5_Sahl and White

3. Let dry and frame!

This project is really interchangeable with the seasons – leaves in fall maybe? Or spruce in the winter? It’s all based on your preferences and with what you like to be surrounded!

DIY Palm Print4_Sahl and White

Stop judging my wall paper – I know you are! 🙂


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