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Easter Egg Party6_Sahl and White

Today my sister and bro-in-law came over for a little Easter egg decorating party and I must say, it was egg-celent time. We hadn’t seen them in a while, so it was so fun to catch up with some snacks over something to keep our hands busy. Willy watched each and every little thing we did and copied our every move with his own set of Hide N Squeak Eggs. Winter brings so much routine and instills a hibernation mode, but with Spring right around the corner (tomorrow), it was nice to do something so out of the ordinary and festive.Easter Egg Party7_Sahl and White

This was the simplest and most inexpensive get together I’ve thrown in a while. Most of the items i already had around the house and eggs are cheap. Throw in a snack mix or cupcakes and some lemonade and you have yourself a really easy Spring shindig. It’s easy to throw together and even easier to clean up. It’s also great because whether you’re having 4 or 12 people over, the work is essentially the same.

Start with the largest surface you have (you’ll need space to spread out). Throw down a disposable tablecloth, some newspaper, or I used some bright wrapping paper. I’d suggest a tablecloth if you’re guests are more prone to spilling. Paper will soak it up, but also bleed onto your surface. Next determine a space for drying the eggs. I put a cork-board right down the middle of our table so people on both sides could use it with little effort. A cork-board with several little drying stands made from four standard dress making pins work great for egg drying, but a cereal box or the boxes you get at the grocery store with holes work too! Also at your work stations, place the actual dye, extra cups, spoons, and plenty of napkins or paper towels.

Easter Egg Party9_Sahl and White

You’ll also want to prepare a space for the “extras”. There are TONS of egg dying techniques out there so you’ll want to have a little of everything from the basic egg dye to the more advanced, marble techniques. Obviously you don’t need to have everything in between, but at least provide a few supplies so people have options. I set out a little station that had my ipad with my pinterest page up for inspiration (this way you don’t have to be the egg dying expert) as well as sharpies, stickers, wax crayons, paint brushes, nail polish, dye, vinegar, water, and pre-made mini hats and crowns for egg people. I also made sure I had plenty of both brown and white eggs (3 dozen for 4 people was a perfect amount). You could even have people bring their own eggs to ensure you don’t hard boil way too many.

Easter Egg Party5_Sahl and WhiteEaster Egg Party7_Sahl and White

To cap it all off, I made little favor Easter baskets for everyone to take home. I got the white baskets at Target for $1.00 and filled them with Strawberry soda, Kola Kookies, and an egg cup filled with Cadburry eggs. Send everyone home with a dozen eggs; with Easter right around the corner, the decorated eggs will come in handy for decorations and menu options for next week!

Easter Egg Decorating Party2_Sahl and WhiteEaster Egg Party10_Sahl and WhiteEaster Egg Decorating Party4_Sahl and White


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