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Last year while in California for our first anniversary, Mr. A and I went to Off the Grid, a food truck festival where we literally ate and drank our way through rows and rows of food trucks. Set on the banks of the bay, right below the San Francisco bridge, it was heaven on earth. Surprisingly, our favorite item of the day was a cold press Irish coffee. Firstly because it was so delicious and secondly because we wondered why we had never thought of such a thing.

Just in time for everyone’s favorite Irish, whiskey-drinking holiday (and Spring weather), I’ve concocted a similar recipe. It’s related to it’s hot counterpart, but because this recipe uses a cold press coffee concentrate, the flavors mesh together so, so much better. Cold press concentrate is not brewed with heat. Instead, it’s brewed using time (a lot of time) at room temperature. This results is a cold coffee that is a much stronger, more concentrated brew that has a more mellow, rich, almost chocolaty flavor. It packs a serious punch, but doesn’t have that acidic bite. That flavor and concentration masks the whiskey more so than hot brewed coffee and mixed with milk and a hint of sweet, produces a delicious little beverage.

Old Abe_Cold Press Irish Coffee

I’ve added some Minnesota flair by featuring a Rochester favorite, Old Abe cold brew coffee concentrate. Old Abe is great and makes an exceptional cold brew. Abe and his coffee cart are a fantastic new-ish addition to the Rochester scene. He’s mastered the art of coffee and excels at cold coffee drinks concocted at a bicycle-powered cart. My favorites involve his signature ingredient, maple syrup. If you haven’t yet found Abe, look for him at the Winter Farmer’s Market and once late Spring arrives, use his handy locator to “FIND ABE.”

Old Abe Iced Irish Coffee1_Sahl and WhiteOld Abe_Cold Press Irish Coffee2Cold Press Irish Coffee_Sahl and White3

Cold Press Irish Coffee
Serves 2

Gather: 8 oz. Cold Press Coffee Concentrate | 2 Shots Whiskey | 3 oz. Half & Half or Milk | A Slug of Maple Syrup Simple Syrup (recipe below) | ICE ICE BABY

Make the Maple Syrup Simple Syrup: In a medium saucepan over low heat, combine 3/4 cup 100% maple syrup and 1 cup water. This will yield about 2 cups and last a long time in the fridge for future use, but adjust at a 3/4 : 1 syrup to water ratio based on your needs!


1. In a large tumbler or drink shaker, add ice, coffee and whiskey. Give it a good shake or stir.

2. Add the milk and maple syrup simple syrup based on your taste preferences.

3. Pour into mugs and enjoy!

Note: Adding whiskey to an iced coffee works too, but your results will not be as delicious. An iced coffee is hot coffee that was stuck in the refrigerator. It won’t have that same flavor and won’t mix with the whiskey as well. If you don’t have Old Abe, you can buy concentrate in most grocery stores (look for it by the creamer).

Try one this St. Patrick’s day instead of the usual green beer or Irish car bomb. Much less um green and easier on the taste buds. Cheers!

Iced Coffee_Irish Coffee5Cold Press Irish Coffee6


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