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We have a mega wall in our living room – 18 feet of blank wall with no shelving, no interruptions, nothing. It’s been a challenge to figure out the best way to break up the space while still making it feel like one cohesive room. It’s still a work in progress, but I think I’m a step closer with this DIY large scale piece. I like large, statement pieces, but struggle with finding the right one. I’m not one to just go out a buy a piece of art because it’s pretty. Most of the stuff in our house is collected from vacations or flea markets. Most of it are things that have meaning.

Since I haven’t found my dream large scale pieces, this holds a place for future treasures. It was easy and Mr. A and I customized it with a little of our personality. It also fits the minimal, vintage meets modern look we’re going for. This technique really would be great for a small space too! A quick and simple HI or your wedding anniversary? The possibilities are endless!

DIY Screen Large Scale Art1Da Crib Artwork

Gather: A Large Frame | A Roll of Screen (that you would use to replace a screen door)| An Embroidery Needle (this one will work) | Masonry twine | A Staple Gun | A Printer | Matches

DIY Screen Art_String


1. Prep the frame. I removed all the random nails and hardware the frame had collected over the years and spray painted mine black.

2. Lay the screen over the entire back of the frame.

DIY Screen Art_Step2

3. Go around the inner-most edge on your frame, stapling as you go. You’ll want to staple every two inches to ensure the screen doesn’t gap.

DIY Screen Art_Step3

4. Cut the screen so it’s flush with the back of the frame. You don’t want it to interfere with the outer edge when you’re trying to hang your frame.

5. Using whatever font you’d like (I used a Bebas Neue), come up with your message. I’d recommend keeping it short and sweet. Remember you have to sew it on. Experiment with the size and different fonts.

6. Lay out your design on the screen and test how it’s going to look. Once you’re happy with it, tape it down as a template for your sewing.

DIY Screen Art_Step6

7. Thread your needle and using whatever basic stitch you’d like, start sewing around your letters. When you done with a letter, leave about 4 inches on each end (the beginning and end) so you have enough to tie a knot.

8. Tie a double knot, snip the ends and melt knot so it won’t come undone.

9. Repeat until your message or design is complete!


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