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socialice-logoOne of my favorite local events, SocialICE is upon us and you can catch it all THIS WEEKEND! Downtown Rochester has been filled with ice shavings, giant blocks of ice, and teams with picks and tools all week. They’re working ’round the clock to transform the Peace Plaza into a winter wonderland of ice. It’s literally like that one chick from Frozen stomped her foot and the whole place became encapsulated with ice bars, sculptures, lighting effects and plenty of entertainment. It features seven ice bars hosted by local establishments that each year go all out with a different theme. The theme is apparent in their decorations, costumes, drinks, and even entertainment. Last year my favorite was a “Log Cabin” theme that had yummy hot cocoa drinks, a fire pit and their bar was a 12-foot tall log cabin. Impressive stuff folks.

The past two years have been frigid freezing so to enjoy it, you really had to bundle up. People even layered on blankets. This year, the weather is going to be perfect: upper 30’s, even into the 40’s so I’m excited to go all out in my best ICE attire. Normally, I’m all about the simple, neutral, girl next door look. In fact, I recently read about how the kids these days are using “basic” to describe a very stereotypical white girl doing very predicable things. Turns out I’m kind of that, but this weekend, I plan on being decked out in fur and wool and earning my Minnesota hearty.

What I'm Wearing to the Ice Bar

Cuddl Duds: A base layer is key

Vegan Leather Pants: I like these because even with all the layers, I don’t feel bulky.

Stagedoor Faux Fur Coat: A little glam never hurt nobody and if there’s anywhere you can wear a fur coat to, it’s the ice bar.

Alicia Boot: A little heel, but still comfy and cute to wear with pair of wool socks.

Cozy Sweater: This also works great with layers.

Scarf: My mom always told me that the key to being warm is keep your neck warm.

Cross Body Bag: The last thing you wanna do is show up with something you have to continually carry, adjust or balance. You’ll want a bag that you can throw on and forget about.

Convertible Gloves: You’re gonna want something you can still use your phone or camera with without taking off your entire mitten or glove. These at least are a little thicker than your average convertible glove.


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