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Super Bowl Sunday | Props Bettin’ Game


I truly enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. I even like it for more than just the snacks (although those are absolutely key). I love watching the game just as much as all the commercials and half time show. It’s a treasured tradition and a true representation of hard work and teamwork.

We usually have a few people over for the game and to make the game more interesting for those who aren’t as enthused, we have people bring over a roll of quarters and print out a bunch of prop bets. Prop bets are all the random bets of Las Vegas. People bet on everything from who’s going to win the coin flip to the length of the national anthem to the overall victor.


Prior to your party, have everyone bring over some quarters (or dollars if you wanna go big). It’s great because you can play with any amount of people.

Figure out your prop bets. Google search “prop bets Super Bowl” and you’ll usually find a bunch someone has already listed. For the Panthers vs. Broncos, this is a great list.

Print out each prop be on a single sheet of paper with the options for people to bet on underneath. Hang up on a wall or spread out on a table.

As people arrive (make sure to tell them to arrive about 30 min. before kickoff), have them place their bet by initialing their pick. Each bet they make, they put a quarter into a jar.

As the game goes on, circle which bet is correct. At the conclusion of the game, for each bet, pick out all the quarter for all bets and then split up those quarters among the winners. Example: If 6 people bet on what the coin toss is going to be and 3 guessed heads, you’d take 6 quarters and give each of those 3 winners 2 quarters.


Before you know it, you’ll all be bettin’ fools! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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