Grumpy Cat Valentine’s Day Favors

grumpy cat valentines_sahl+white6grumpy cat valentines_sahl+white2

This is an ode to the V-Day haters out there and it all started with a bucket of Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies. They were quirky, chocolate cookies so obviously I loved them. Given the proximity to Valentine’s Day, I instantly thought how perfect these would have been during the years after college where my girlfrans and I would half joke, half be terrified our destiny involved lots of cats. Many Valentine’s Days were spent being snarks and we loved (ok, really, kinda hated) it.

With sentiments like, “I only swipe left” and “I’d rather spend all nine lives alone”, Grumpy Cat was the only spokesman who could appropriately convey the message.

Putting these together is a cinch and they’re perfect for any snarky Valentine in your life.

trader joes chocolate cat cookies_sahl+whitegrumpy cat valentines_sahl+whitegrumpy cat valentines bags_sahl+whitegrumpy cat valentines_sahl+white4grumpy cat valentines_sahl + white3

Gather: Grumpy Cat Valentine Template | Chocolaty Cat Cookies (from Trader Joes), but really, any treat would work | Printer | Scissors | Some type of Treat Bag (similar here) | Paper Clips


1. Print and cut out the Grumpy Cat template.

2. Fill the treat bags with the cat cookies.

3. Fold over, attach the Grumpy Cat card, and secure with paper clip.


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    February 2, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    yesss!!! this is amazing. laughing and loving it and totally inspired!

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