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We just got home from war. And by war I mean the Lasagna Warzz at ZZest Cafe & Bar where Chefs Todd, Jason, and Stef battled it out for the best lasagna rendition. I’ll warn you, this isn’t Stoffers; you won’t see any beef or ricotta, but you will see uncommon flavors coming together to elevate a classic comfort food. I know it’s last minute, but the war continues tonight and this event is calling your name.

ZZest Lasagna Warzz4ZZest_Lasagna Warzz1

For $21, you’ll receive three generous helpings of the battling lasagna. Chef Jason created one with oxtail, white sauce, horseradish, herbs, mozzarella and topped it off with crispy onion strips. Chef Todd’s creation included braised rabbit, fennel, bacon, classic tomato, a smoked cheese and a pesto like topping. Finally, Chef Stef brought to the table a vegetarian dish with madras curry, sweet potato, lentils, and mushrooms. It felt like we were judges on a cooking show as we tasted and tried the flavor combinations. An additional $10 gets you a beer and wine pairing with each slice. I was very impressed with how well each drink complimented the specific dish. They really did truly enhance the flavors. You could tell how much time and effort went into the competition.

i voted_zzest lasagna warzz8

If you’ve never been, ZZest is a cozy and trendy bar and restaurant featuring modern and creative dishes. As the snow fell outside, eating lasagna by candlelight while others around us buzzed with their opinion of which Chef masted the challenge seemed like the best place we could be.

ZZest Lasagna Warzz5ZZest Lasagna Warzz3

Tonight too last minute? Lucky you, the next ZZest Warzz is March 15-16 and features EGGS.


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