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I swear I’m not a 90’s rap junkie, but who knew that both Eminem and Mystikal would have such great theme songs for purging your closet?! If you’ve been following along, at the end of 2015, I made a resolution to go on a clothing freeze, purged my closet, worked on steps to identify my core wardrobe, and now begin the next phase, “show me what you’re working with.”

A few weeks in and it’s already been a little challenging to avoid the massive sales racks that are everywhere. I literally avoid them and don’t look. Instead I’ve put my energy towards working with what I have.

Five Ways to Work with What you Have:

Get Crafty: Can anything be updated? Do you have an old button up that maybe shrank in the wash, but the collar is still awesome? Cut out that collar and wear beneath a crew neck sweater (tutorial coming soon!).

Cross Wear: That blazer you usually only wear to work or tennies you only wear to the grocery store? Find new ways to dress them up or down- pair the blazer with a basic tshirt and boyfriend jeans and the tennies with some leggings and a more dressy tunic. Juxtaposing is sooo in.

Accessorize: This is the easiest and most obvious, but most mornings, I was getting so weighed down with just finding pants and a top. Now that my wardrobe is a bit more streamlined, I have more time for my accessories and finding pieces that make outfits better.

Change up Something Else: This is kind of cheating, but look for other ways you can infuse style into your look rather than your wardrobe. Try a new haircut or for a quick fix, a bright shade of lipstick or nail polish.

Go Monotone: I’ve done this with white and denim before and it actually works wonders. Working with different shades of the same color, find a few pieces that aren’t matchy-matchy, but rather complimentary. And yes, white works in winter!

I’ll keep the tips coming as I learn to work with what I have and discover a more disciplined approach to my wardrobe. Are you following along? What are you discovering about your personal style?


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