Embrace the Elements | A Winter Activity Guide

embrace the elements_a winter activity guide

Living in MN, we grit our teeth and sometime cringe every time it snows or dips below freezing, but really, winter is a season not to take for granted. It’s a time of hibernation that reminds us to rest and enjoy a routine, but that doesn’t mean we have to be lazy. Here are some ideas to get you outside, stay indoors, reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy the season in this frozen tundra. (and yes, a night of pizza and Netflix is still most definitely on the list).

Make Hot Chocolate from Scratch: It is insane how much better and more decadent hot chocolate tastes from scratch versus a package. A few on my to-try list are: Nutella Hot Chocolate, this Aztec Hot Coco, and French Vanilla.

Go Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing at Night: No, I’m not really suggesting, you go out at night and just have at it. I mean you could, especially if it’s a full moon, but candlelight and full moon events are popping up more and more around the area. Imagine the calm of a winter’s night with the trail lit ahead only by candlelight. It’s quite romantic and really does not require as much bundling up (read effort) as one would think. This is a great resource for an event near you!

Splurge on a New Scarf: because every time I step outside my face hurts and well, that stinks. Obviously a pretty scarf is the answer.

Attend a Winter Carnival or Ice Bar: Rochester’s Winterfest is January 29-Feb. 14 or ice bar, socialice, February 18-21. Check out MN Monthly for a few other popular winter events around the area.

Get in on some Hockey: any form with do! After all, MN is the state of hockey. Either join a rec league or just a game of backyard pond hockey. If watching is more your thing, take your pick between the Wild, the Gophers, the Ice Hawks or even a City League.

Host a Game Night: Some of my favorite memories are from game nights. No matter what we play, my belly always ends up hurting from laughing so much. They’re inexpensive and as low or high maintenance as you make them.

Try a New Soup Recipe: Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is a soup for that. Dill pickle soup has been on my list since this fall!

Cuddle up with a Good Book: I’ve been trying to do less screen time and more paper book time. It’s so much more relaxing. Extra points if you do it in a bathtub.

Go Ice Skating with Hot Cider in Hand: Self explanatory. My MN votes for this year are the lake in Winona, the Soldier’s Field oval in Rochester or Wells Fargo Skating Rink in St. Paul.

Update an Old Sweater: Everyone has an old sweater lying around that they don’t really wear anymore. Instead of just throwing it in the donate pile, try your hand at adding elbow patches or even cross stitching a word or two on the collar.

Send some Snail Mail: Just in time for Valentines day!

Buy some Bright Lipstick: It’s dreary and cold and lipstick is so in right now. I recently got this as a free sample and am hooked.

Spend the Afternoon at a Local Museum: Rochester Art Center for me please!

Clean out and Organize your Wardrobe: As one of my goals for 2016, join me and follow along!

Try Ice Fishing: Another goal for this year…. I’ll keep you posted….. You keep me posted…..

Make then Each SOOOO Much Snow Cream: This reminds me of the shaved ice we had in Hawaii. Gotta try it.

Light More Candles: #instacozy

Head to a Sledding or Tubing Hill: Tip: Ironwood Springs in Stewartville is the

Snuggle with the Fam Jam: I can’t get enough of this and of course my favorite version is with a pizza (to myself 🙂 ) and netflix.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, download Embrace the Elements for inspiration when the couch potato bug hits.

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    January 21, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I love your Winter Activity Guide!
    Thanks for including my French Vanilla Hot Chocolate!
    – G

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      January 25, 2016 at 3:00 pm

      Thank YOU for creating such a delicious hot cocoa recipe – I made it this past weekend and it was a hit!

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