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DIY Mini Green Bay Packers Cheesehead Pin


north hat_diy mini cheesehead

I get such a kick out of a good cheesehead. The hat made of yellow foam shaped like a wedge of cheese is my favorite way to identify fellow Packers fans. The term cheesehead was originally coined by Chicago-ians as an insult, referring to the fact that Wisconsin produces a lot of cheese… good one guys… Obviously it was quickly accepted as a term of endearment and lives on as a prideful fan icon.

The only problem is, it’s hard to wear a cheesehead when also wearing a stocking hat, so you really don’t see too many in cold weather. It’s actually kind of hard to wear one at all. A giant piece of foam just doesn’t cling to the head for effortless wear. For last week’s Packers VS. Vikings game, I was determined to wear a cheesehead even with the 27 degree temperature forecast. I was in Green Bay at Lambeau for heaven’s sake so I rolled up my sleeves and made these Mini Cheesehead Pins which were perfect to pin on top of my hat.

mini cheesehead gif

Gather: a refillable sponge for a mop (generic brand preferred), my Green Bay Packer Pin Template, scissors, a printer, a sharpie marker, hot glue, mustard yellow spray paint, and 1 1/2 inch glue-on bar pins (sold in the jewelry department of any craft store)


  1. Print off the cheese wedge template and cut out the little cheese wedge guys.
  2. Pull apart the mop sponge. Depending on the brand you get, it will most likely have a plastic piece on the back and a scrubby sponge piece on the side. They easily pull off, but you do need to be a little careful as to not rip a huge chunk of the good sponge off.
    Tip: I would stick with an off brand mop sponge- their adhesive tends to come off easier.

Sponge_DIY Mini Cheesehead

3. Trace the cheese wedges on the back side of the sponge (you’ll notice I got a little aggressive when pulling off the plastic mop pieces). You’ll want to trace in the shape of a pie as seen below. This will make it easier and more efficient to cut.

sponge cuts_mini cheesehead

4. Using a very sharp scissors, cut the wedges out. You’ll want to try and trim around the edges for the most smooth chunks as possible. It took a few tries, trust me. I threw away about half of my spongies.

5. Spray paint those little cheese wedges a more golden tone of yellow and hot glue your bar back pins onto the bottom of your cheese wedges and you’ve got a pin-able cheese wedge!

diy mini cheeseheads

Just in time for the Divisional round against the Cardinals, wear and display your mini Green Bay Packers Pins with PRIDE!

handful of cheese_diy mini cheeseheads

How do you show your Packers Pride? Questions, Comments? Leave below- I’d love to hear from you!


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