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New Traditions: A Neon Christmas

Neon Christmas_Bubbles Bar

This is our second Christmas as “The Whites.” We’re still adjusting to planning out the holidays with each side and working on what parts of the season we want to keep as a priority. Traditions have been a big topic of conversation. Things that I would like to carry on from my childhood, Mr. A has never even celebrated and vice versa.

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For example, earlier this December I set a date and told Alex, “next Sunday afternoon the tree is going up and the house is getting Christmasified!” He looked at my a little funny and said, “uhh ok, sounds good.” I excitedly ran away remembering decking the halls with my family: hot cider and brownies, Christmas tunes and setting up the tree, remembering the stories behind each and every decoration and ornament. It was truly the start to the holidays. With that imagery in mind, Sunday afternoon came. As I was running around the house, making hot coco and popcorn, setting up the tree, messing with Pandora, stringing lights and trying to keep Willy from throwing each and every “baal” (read ornament) against the wall, Mr. A was sitting watching football…….. After a burnt batch of popcorn, I burst in the living room, called him a mega scrooge and may or may not have told him he was ruining Christmas. He stared at me like I was a legit alien and asked, “It’s barely December… how is this Christmas?”

I had blindsided him with Amy-isim. He had no comprehension of my expectations or intentions to make my childhood tradition a magical tradition for the Whites. Needless to say, decking the halls family style is still a maybe on the traditions list.

One thing that has stuck and been a highly anticipated event the past few years has been a big ole brunch on Christmas day. It’s been so fun to pick out the menu and then spend the morning in the kitchen cooking with Mr. A.

This year’s Christmas theme was a NEON Christmas (yes, we have a different theme each year – we’re marketers, what do you expect), so the menu was on the trendy, fun side. I don’t go too crazy with the theme, but I do try to work it into my tablescape, how I wrap presents and a few other details around the house, with the tree and throughout the season. Now before you call me crazy, I don’t go too over the top, use a lot of coupons, use a lot of DIYs (hello these cute trees) and shop for the next year’s theme the day after Christmas (hello 70% off). Here are a few highlights:

Menu: Crème Brûlée-d Grapefruit, Crab Cake Bacon Eggs Benedict, Hash (tag worthy) Browns, Doughnut Hole Bon Bons, Rumchata Espresso and a Prosecco Bar.

Neon Christmas_Brunch Place SettingNeon Christmas_Bubbles BarNeon Christmas_Tablescape

DIY Place Cards and Gift Tags: I made these out of clearance greeting cards. Simply cut into the shape you want and use either stamps or stencils with acrylic paint.

Neon Christmas_DIY gift tagsNeon Christmas_Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sahl + White! What are your Christmas traditions? Do you have new decor each year, or am I the only crazy one?


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