Ghost Tours and Haunted History Throughout Minnesota

A complete list of ghost tours and haunted history tours throughout Minnesota.

I am a seasonal scare fan. Every year around this time, I hop on the bandwagon to haunted, scare, and thrill town with every intention of hopping off come November. (Sorry resident scare fanatics…)

While not high on the scare factor, these ghost tours and haunted history tours throughout Minnesota allow you to get in the Halloween spirit sans masked clowns and fake blood. Some are even available year-round!


Bingo in Rochester, MN

Maybe it’s the daubers, maybe it’s the fact I love grandmas, maybe I just love yelling, but when it comes down to it, I love a good game of bingo.…

DIY MN Twins Pennant_Sahl + White
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Minnesota Twins Baseball Pennants DIY

I’ve been loving vintage pennants lately. Like really loving them. I’ve used vintage pennants as decor in William’s nursery, party props, and they’ve even made their way into some of…