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Easter Monster Cookie Recipe with Robins + Mini Cadbury Eggs

Easter Monster Cookie Recipe How To

In terms of holiday candy, Easter, hands down, has the best — robin’s eggs, chocolate bunnies, mini Cadbury eggs, jelly beans….. I meeaaaan, it doesn’t get any better. Even normal candy (like Reeses PB cups) taste better in their Easter form (like Reeses PB eggs). It only made sense to make a mash up and create the ultimate Easter monster cookie recipe.

This recipe starts with my Grandma Wilson’s monster cookie recipe. Between the peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chunks, and other ingredients, you won’t be able to pick out individual flavors. Instead, they all combine for this ultimate cookie experience of chewy, gooey, yet crunchy deliciousness.

Easter Monster Cookie Recipe + How To

Makes: 5 Dozen Cookies

(Disclosure: My grandma’s original recipe was truly a monster recipe with the quantities being measured in pounds. So, I’ve fractioned it out to more manageable cookie baking, however, the conversions got a little hairy.)


3 Eggs
1 C. Brown Sugar
1 C. Granulated Sugar
1/4 lb. Butter (1 Stick)
1/4 Tbsp. Vanilla
1/4 Tbsp. Corn Syrup
2 tsp. Baking Soda
1 C. Peanut Butter
1/3 C. Flour
4 1/2 C. Oatmeal
1/3 C. Robin’s Eggs (roughly chopped into chocolate chip sized pieces)
1/2 C. Mini Cadbury Eggs (roughly crushed into chocolate chip sized pieces)


1. Cream together your eggs and both sugars.
2. Add in butter, vanilla, corn syrup, baking soda, and peanut butter. Mix until combined.
3. Add flour and oatmeal. Mix until combined.
4. Stir in Robin’s Eggs and Mini Cadbury Egg chunks.
5. Using a standard ice cream scoop, scoop onto a non-greased cookie sheet.
6. Bake at 350° for 11-13 min.
7. Allow cookies to rest on pan for 3-4 min. before moving to cooling rack.

See what I mean?! Totally worth the sugar rush. You know what else is worth the sugar rush? These Girl Scout Cookie Milkshakes.

Happy Easter!


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